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Focus on Bringing More Love into the World

Focus on Bringing More Love into the World Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

Greetings! The Omni Consciousness of all Light surrounds your planet and holds all incarnate beings in its loving embrace. In the shifting dimensions on planet Earth, you are amid an evolutionary process — an awakening to the power of love to heal and recognize your love for self like never before.

This is not a drill. [Smiles.] There will be challenging moments during 2020 and beyond, and it will be your choice how to participate. Heartfelt questions might come up, such as, “How can we possibly make it through?” or “Will Earth survive?” The answers are within all your hearts — the lightworkers of planet Earth.

Your numbers are growing, and a new generation of young people — who do not understand how Mother Earth could have gotten into such dire shape — want to save her. In-lighten them: Send them light and love them. These passionate young people will work on many levels to bring more love into your world. The young children of today are coming in equipped with what they need to help and heal Mother Earth, and they are paying attention to what is going on. Because they are inheriting this world, they are concerned enough to do something about it.