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An Explanation of the Second Age of Transformation

An Explanation of the Second Age of Transformation Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

Zoosh, we have two channelings from Robert with different points of view: yours and, according to the Spherical Being, the Creator’s. Would you help us put them in perspective?

It’s not difficult, because the second age of transformation means that you are moving from one version of Earth to another. So if the version of Earth that you were on in the past is going through its changes, it will continue to go through those changes whether you, as a human race, are on that planet or not. Obviously, you don’t want to be on that planet. It is like a slow change in the movies, where it fades from one thing to another. It is like a slow fade, so that you’re going from one thing to another, and it cannot be stopped, because it was intended to happen. Things that have been said in the past have been to prepare you for this time.

But the time was of that moment, of that sending; the time was then. I’m just going to say now, because now is now. Since you are in transition now, children who are born will be more from that future version of Earth in terms of compatibility — their compatibility with Earth, compatibility with life, compatibility with other humans, and so on. They will be more attuned to that than the old version of Earth, which you are now leaving.