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Essence-Light Ambassadors Prepare the New Worlds

Essence-Light Ambassadors Prepare the New Worlds The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Masters, as changers of consciousness, your master DNA communication codes are now activated to offer up your light-essence seed creations and visions to the world. This will now include delicate bio-activations so that you can be the starseed ambassadors you are, interface with your new-world star families, and prepare the way for humanity. You will do this by living your creations and becoming them, thereby fulfilling your potentials. This is transmitted to the world for others to receive as potentials for their unique awakening, as chosen by each soul. Hence, those who read your book, take your workshop, or interact with your energy field activate and open their souls to receive the next octave of light.

Your books, teachings, communications, and bio-codes are living, new matter. They now exist as a living library of radiating plasma frequencies that act as a legacy similar to the Emerald Tablets of Egypt, which held the secret of creating prima matter. The Telos-onium plates of ancient Lemuria that originated from Venus served the same purpose. Each ancient cultural civilization in your universe left their creations and records for humanity’s ascension. Now you will do the same as a new species. It is your moment to pass the wand to humanity and move into your new passion potentials.

Since humans have allowed themselves to be deceived about the true cosmic history of the universe and who they are as a species, it’s time to interface humanity with divine memory’s essence-energy communication networks. This is needed to find the brilliant solutions that only lighted love can offer. This is possible because your light vessels have opened multi-quantum senses, multi-time, and multi-potentials in new, free-energy essence DNA available to all. Instead of humans fighting over issues that bind and separate, they will sense through your beautiful new heart potentials that offer new consciousness for brilliant solutions in stewarding their New Earth colonies as well as their own fulfillment.