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Energy Manifests as You Choose

Energy Manifests as You Choose Vywamus through Dorothy Bodenburg

Creating an enlightened world is now the task for humanity. Every single person must accept the responsibility to participate. Growth, change, awareness, evolving, and transforming all have a commonality. It is movement caused by energy. Not accepting that shifting energy creates new realities; humanity becomes stuck in an impossible situation of knowing change is needed but not knowing how to facilitate it.

For change to take place, you need a shift of consciousness that accepts, interprets, and implements a different energy configuration than the one you dwell in and live from. The very vehicle for the evolution and transformation of humanity — which is the acceptance of energy configurations that hold consciousness — is not integrated into humanity’s thinking. It is treated as suspect or foreign instead of the integral part it plays in your life.

Think of the discomfort in your life when change takes place with or without your consent. This discomfort comes from the awareness that your habitual life is changing. You feel the change on some level of consciousness, yet you do not know how to work with energy configurations or even how to manage them. Energy on a personal level may not be able to be measured scientifically, but the effects of energy and how it is expressed is easy to discern.