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Embrace Your Power

Embrace Your Power The Angelic Realms and Crystal Skull Consciousness through Nancy Robinson

Accelerated waves of light will continue to wash over the planet and offer unprecedented opportunities for those ready to fully create and live the life that they’ve dreamed of having. These accelerated frequencies in 2020 will keep moving humanity more fully into fourth and fifth-dimensional realities and include increasing off-planet and galactic influences.

The light energies will be finer and higher, enabling faster manifestation, which can create extraordinary dreams and miracles for those willing to accept them. As you prepare and stay aware, these quickened energies can help you experience new opportunities, quantum spiritual growth, and advancement in every area of your life. These heightened energies can amplify what you focus on and accelerate the release of old, limiting programs or beliefs more rapidly than before.

If you’ve started noticing new intuitive information, unusual spiritual visions, and actions to take, then you may be feeling the urgency of your soul as it prepares you for these quickening energies and the coming changes in 2020. Acting on this higher inspired guidance will be important to create your best and ensure that you don’t miss new opportunities coming through these enhanced energies.