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The Divine Plan

The Divine Plan Our Creator; Jesus of Nazareth; Kuthumi; El Morya; Melchizedek; Hilarion; and Mother Mary through April Myrick

You have been in an intense inner-planes battle of good versus evil since 2011, and now you are in the cleanup stage of this spiritual work. Our work is done on higher dimensions so that it can manifest on Earth. Our spiritual law states: As above, so below.

Before God’s divine plan is fully implemented, there is chaos. Your Creator will continue to love his beings of light in all worlds, and he wants to bring more souls on this Earth into enlightenment. This divine plan has begun with souls in the U.S. and Israel. God’s work will have his planned effect on this entire planet, and he will continue to bring souls into his heart.

The ascended masters state that you all have choices on the soul level as well as personality-wise. You must align your souls, minds, hearts, and bodies with God’s truth and love. God’s plan for you includes revealing and removing corruption in many places, inside and out. This includes government, churches, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood. Above all, he wants to save the children who are victims of pedophilia.