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The Creator’s Messenger

The Creator’s Messenger Spherical Being through Robert Shapiro

The reason a spider was chosen by us to be the one that gives the message is that their legs (or their arms) and their energy are always moving out spherically. It is we who received the message sent from the source of the energy sending the message, and we are a spherical being. Granted, many beings radiate their energy in a spherical fashion, but the one being on the planet that has literally a physical presentation in a very similar fashion is the spider.

Also, they are comfortable, provided the energy is compatible, in delivering messages as long as the messages are short and important. To them, the message needs to be profound, because they, in their own right, are profound beings.

We are speaking because we are one of those spherical beings. So that is why the spider was chosen; it was felt that if it were any other type of being, it might not bring him out of sleep.