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Create Your Own Future

Create Your Own Future Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

It’s time to create your own future. You can accept the future you have now, or you can re-create the future into something that is better for all people. This is what I recommend. Let’s keep it simple. First, say this with the ringer off on your phone and the least amount of distraction around. If there is noise that is bothering you, put your fingers up to your ears and close them. Then relax and say this:

~ Energy ~

“I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me now be all around me and all about me (pause for a moment, and say) now. (Then wait).


Some of you will feel a nice energy or a good feeling, or you will feel more relaxed. If you’re not sure what you feel, you can glance at the clock (but don’t stare at it), and wait until half a minute, a minute, or a little more goes by, and then say:


“I am asking that the most benevolent ‘now’ and ‘future’ begin for me now.”