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Create a New Paradigm through Harmony

Create a New Paradigm through Harmony The Pleiadian Beings Norma and Adora through Jenine Beecher

Jenine: I will start with a clairvoyant reading of the energy of 2020. The vibration of the year is a middle green color, and I notice a vibration of hope. For all the difficulty experienced in 2019, 2020 will reap with rewards as a force of change is engaged. We need to move to a higher frequency as humans. We will start to see a lighter side of humanity. In this case, hope is an action — a representation that true change is being revealed.

As I continue to look at 2020, I am not guided to look at difficult events. I see the overall triumph of hope. We are asked to move beyond what we have known ourselves to be, reach for the stars, amp up our individual vibrations, and choose actions that match.

If we are not currently involved in the act of change, we need to get moving now. Celestial forces at work ask us to take on the challenge of change. If we are afraid or uncertain, we must move through those emotions. We need to allow the intuition to speak and then listen to its message.