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Cosmic Awakening as Divine Experience

Cosmic Awakening as Divine Experience The Divine Directors through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones, we are the Divine Directors, and we offer joy and support for all the starseeds, walk-ins, hybrids, and activated beings of crystalline light who call out for reassurance. You are heard. Your collective presence has broken through the cloud of illusion that seeks to keep you distracted. Together, we have traveled for many eons through the vast network of star systems that you may perceive when you question whether you are imagining things. May your heart know that you are not imagining anything, and you are cocreating more than your awareness has revealed.

This coming period holds the moment of cosmic awakening. Through this moment, the experience of parallel dimensions and expanded timelines gently reveals itself as the nervous systems of your bodies of form adapt. Many feel, sense, and know this through the experience of ascension symptoms. These symptoms are more accurately understood as an energetic overlay of the ascended presence. As the rising vibrations of Gaia and all her inhabitants escalate, this presence calls to your body lovingly and firmly.

This love is that of a mother who wants only the best for her child. To stand within the love of the universe is to carry the spiritual firmness that holds divine presence as the model for you and all others whose awareness is ready to see clearly. This clarity of awareness is the gift that the time cycle of 2019 has showered on this realm of experience. Through this clarity, the coming cycle invites your divine presence to relax and release the need to explain anything. Call forward the blessing of trust in your divine nature as you witness the answers appear.