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A Clear View of Healing

A Clear View of Healing Sirian Blue White Collective through Dr. John Ryan

Greetings to you. The crystalline awakening occurring on your planet is activating new levels of insight and ability. The year 2020 will be a powerful time of anchoring new potential. You will begin to bear witness to vastly greater manifestations in the realm of human healing through a progressing ascension. All who have listened astutely to the call to awaken will see this clearly. In this light, 2020 will be a year of miraculous unfoldment.

This likely feels long overdue for many of you who have toiled in the energies of an awakening planet. Lift your chin and be encouraged. You are on the threshold of a magnificent manifestation of new power and potential through the power of your collective dreams.

The process of ascension, and the return to a much fuller state of divine expression, can appear to be a slow and arduous process. It can feel disheartening when things seem to slow or fall apart in your mind. The resistance to the forward momentum of light and integration can appear stronger than first imagined, but it is important to maintain faith and trust in the alchemy of the Divine. Understand that the stirring of light rising in you and the planet is about to merge in a profound way. You will see the fruits of your spiritual labor and your heart of grace.