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A Call to Connect

A Call to Connect Preethaji

Short-lived, that is how I see the world around me. Relationships are short-lived. Careers and passions are short-lived. Organizations are short-lived. Fashions, trends, and styles are short-lived. We are even making our Earth’s life short by burning her forests and polluting her air, water, and soil. Every day, nearly 200 species of life forms go extinct because of destructive human activity. The majority of us have become a myopic generation that does not care for tomorrow.

What are we doing to ourselves and our Earth? What will give longevity to our bodies, relationships, careers, and Earth itself? Let us inquire. Let us more deeply understand our problem and the solution.

Progress and change accelerate around us. As artificial intelligence takes over sphere after sphere of existence, millions of us are left worrying about our futures. Students are confused, as career opportunities seem bleak and hopeless. Amid driverless cars, automated checkouts, robot office assistants, chefless kitchens, robot waiters, technicianless lab tests, and computerized legal advice, we try to make sense of the future. Will we become redundant in our work places? Will our carefully crafted visions still be relevant five or ten years from now?