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A Bumpy Road Ahead

A Bumpy Road Ahead The Peacemakers through Greg Branson & Robin Baldock

You ask us what will happen in the coming year as if it is all laid out in a clear and logical progression and all we have to do is relay it to you. A complex mass of forces is actually at work on many levels, not all involving human activity.

For this reason, we cannot always anticipate the contradictory things that rise up from the deep unconscious of people and communities that collectively determine the progress of countries. Moral issues in California, for example, are not the same as those in Texas or New England. These come from quite different origins, which usually include a response to karma incurred in earlier times. Under the surface, many streams of aspiration could burst out at any moment and alter the course of events.

While only some of our predictions from last year have come to pass, others are still waiting for their chance to manifest. We can never be sure of the timing. We see that the karmic histories of many people high up in the American government and in the Pentagon date back to the Roman Empire and to ancient Egypt, where they sought to conquer and subjugate the surrounding countries. Some of these people link back even earlier, such as the closing years of Atlantis. A great deal remains to be worked out from these places.