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Beyond Your Beyond

Beyond Your Beyond The Committee (a Group of Ascended Masters from beyond the Pleiades) through Laura Scott

Greetings, dear ones, we are the Committee and are most pleased to commune from beyond the Pleiades. We see you are engaged in a rapid transformational symphony, where every status quo is rearranging. It is simultaneously cacophonous, nuanced, and enthralling. Like the entire collection of your amusement parks, you are in some ways as a child wandering about sampling its rides, experiencing the all and awe of it. It’s beyond your beyond. This child, while thrilled, is also exhausted from the overwhelming bursting energy of it all. This is how we see your daily lives and the processes running there currently. We understand.

As your consciousness increases, you navigate rapid individual cycling of expansion and contraction as well as collective expansion and contraction cycles. It is energetic change compounded. This cycling continues through 2024 with varied intensities and stages. It is both exhilarating and challenging to navigate. There is also expansion and contraction on intricately layered energy-field grids simultaneously occurring around the planet.

Here’s an example: Think of your earthly body’s homeostasis. While new cells are made, existing cells are working, and other cells are dying. Therefore, beneath your body’s surface, energetic activity is constant in all systems. You are busier than you appear outwardly at times, yet you are also part of the larger system cycling around you. It’s a lot.