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Ask the Angels: Enact Wonders in Your Life

Ask the Angels: Enact Wonders in Your Life Cheryl Gaer Barlow

From the angels: We angels of the Mallbon are assigned to the world of Earth by God. The Lord Jesus overlooks the world of Earth. We are here en masse to help the needy. Ask, and we come to you. We surround you to help answer your pleas. As the world changes through movements in the human minds, our missions are made clear. Not one of you is away from our influence. You bring your light into the world, or you cower in the darkness. Let the joy of this heavenly light blossom within you.

This world was given to man by God to care for and enjoy. Make a world you would be glad to show to God. Higher beings from other worlds exist on Earth. They heard the roars of pain on Earth and saw the light of this world diminish. They rushed to help. The roar of the world should be a soft hum. Wars will rage and suffering will repeat until people’s thoughts change.

You have the power to enact wonders in your life. Your force of thought is magnified by the angelic forces around you. The thoughts of one soul can change the world. Picture what might happen if every thought were for the enhancement of joy and these thoughts were sustained. Wonders, now unimagined, would occur. You hold the power to change your surroundings. Step out of yourself and picture everyone you encounter as happy, well fed, housed, dressed, and purposeful. The power of your thoughts is limitless.