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“Peace on Earth” Is the Mantra for the Days to Come

“Peace on Earth” Is the Mantra for the Days to Come Aleph through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Mercy. You are in the process of understanding, now at this time, the transition of life. In the transition of life that you are in, you continually “blink on and off.” That means you do not see the “pause” that is happening in linear time. Now the process is that you are learning to slow down the pause or the blinking on and off, so peace and mercy, because there is a reconstitution going on between the spiritual forces and you. The mantra for now and the days to come is “Peace on Earth. Peace on Earth. Peace on Earth.”

Allow that expression to come from the third dimension upward from within you. “Peace on Earth” is a command. There is a force entering your planetary system now, and it is a being that represents peace on Earth. Reflect on that in your consciousness. What is happening is that you are moving into becoming peace on Earth.

You are thinking and saying, “Peace on Earth,” and the thought is grounded in the bones. All your thoughts are now grounding in the bones. When you choose your thoughts, you are finding your own thought path. What you are going to need to understand is that your bones (all the skeletal bones) have the realization of the perpetual, everlasting, and never-ending nature of your self. What that means, in a greater understanding, is that you continue to manifest your bones, because your thoughts are grounded in the bones. That is why the mantra for now and for the days to come is “Peace on Earth.” You are creating your new body.