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Your Spiritual and Sexual Self

Your Spiritual and Sexual Self The Watchers through Helenita Ziegler

Now is the time to discover your roots. You have moved in that direction with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. How you came to understand your physical, mental, and emotional bodies are self-explanatory. You even have little smiley faces, emoticons, to express your emotions. Now it is time to focus on the spiritual body; that’s where your future lies. The designers of the Earth experiment, after starts and stops, left many clues for you to follow. But like in your game of hide-and-seek as children, some were hidden too well. You can’t find them because you don’t know where to look.

You will see that the process of learning about the spiritual body is much like taking something apart to see how it works — everything from old-fashioned wind-up clocks and automatons to smart phones and microchips. We compare this to how your engineers deconstructed the UFOs in the 1940s, from both Roswell in the United States and Kapustin Yar in Russia, utilizing reverse engineering to further your space exploration, producing a space race that superseded your Cold War.

Those who haven’t discovered their spirituality will require more information about humanity’s roots. Fortunately, your archaeologists are rediscovering older and older societies, and your previous beliefs about them are being shattered. Looking for clarification, your scientists and archaeologists are merging their research. The future also involves the merging of information from channels and ufologists. Allow that thought to flow through you. It is not as far-fetched as it may seem. For example, didn’t the scientific research into the ancients’ use of chilled mercury to move shuttle craft explain what the channels visualized as small ships floating from place to place?