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Your Only Job in 2019

Your Only Job in 2019 Laarkmaa through Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith

The year 2019 is upon you, and you want to know where you are and what is happening to Earth in the ascension process. You are very close to obtaining what you have been longing for. You are moving toward the possibilities of making a grand evolutionary leap for the human species. You, the light movers, have a magnificent opportunity and a huge, responsible job to do in 2019. This job consists of only one thing and only requires applying a few tools to that one purpose.

Your job in 2019, beginning the moment you read this, is to simply raise your vibration. That is the sum of everything that has been given to you in years past, and it’s what is needed now. This year will bring many of the same waves of energy you have seen in 2018. As you have moved through these waves, you have already learned how to set aside your fear and bring yourselves into a more joyful space, a more peaceful place, raising your vibration to a more elevated level of love.

In 2019, you will see massive changes on an escalating scale on your Earth world. You will also see massive changes in possibilities for elevating your consciousness. What you will see and experience are increased changes in your magnetosphere. The usual solar effects on your planet will decrease. We have been telling you for some time that your Sun is getting cooler and that our sun, Alcyone, is supporting what you need for light and warmth on your planet.