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You Will Not Repeat Cycles of Neglect and Abuse

You Will Not Repeat Cycles of Neglect and Abuse The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

Humanity has crossed the threshold and emerged from the apocalyptic powers into the power of one. A critical mass of humans has opened their heart chakras and shifted their identities from separation to oneness. Earth has reached quantum resonance, which is the vibration resonating from the lightbodies of awakened beings. This is a force of human consciousness that alters the nature of reality on the planet.

The reality shift has come in the form of conscious beings making sustainable choices that support coexistence. Each time a community chooses principles that sustain harmonic oneness, the collective receives frequencies that trigger a force of change.

The deepest levels of the subconscious that hold fear and distortion have been opened by the light and by the force of energy generated from creation and the human lightbodies who are no longer controlled by fear. All who free themselves from the bondage of fear have a powerful effect on raising the vibrations of the collective. Their lightbodies are able to connect to the source vibrations pouring through and into the planetary hologram and accelerate the frequencies with the heart resonance. This is quantum resonance.