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You Have the Choice to Change Your Consciousness

You Have the Choice to Change Your Consciousness Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

Hello, beloved. This is Mary Magdalene. Thank you for calling on me, as I am happy to be of service in whatever way I can. I have heard you would like me to address the question of predictions for the future, so I shall.

Humans in general are very oriented to wanting to know. This includes wanting to know what will happen in the future. This is because things are always changing in your world, and this brings about fear. Ultimately, it is fear of survival and well-being: “Will I be able to survive and thrive in the midst of what happens?” This is a very spiritual question. I say that because, from my point of view, spirituality is about two things. It’s about consciousness, and it’s about love.

The question of survival reflects a third-dimensional consciousness. In the third dimension, beings relate to life in a physical way. So your focus is on physical survival and physical well-being.