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You Are an Unimaginably Magical Human

You Are an Unimaginably Magical Human Archangel Michael through Norma Gentile

You are not just human. You are magically human. It is not just your spiritual side that makes you immortal. It is your ability to balance within polarity, especially the polarity of human physicality, subject to mortality, and the timeless divinity of your being or spirit. As the outer world becomes deeply chaotic, the refuge is within. The less you can depend on what is around you to be stable, the more strongly you are drawn to rely on your inner stability.

In your current world reality, built on the foundation of polarity, you have learned that what you give your energy to grows. But what you ignore also grows! This is the cardinal law of polarity: As you create one aspect of anything, the reverse aspect is created equally.

Notice in the coming year that which you love and that which you fear or hate. Attempting to cultivate only that which you like will naturally also cultivate what you dislike. One solution is to honor the polarized (or dual) reality in which you reside. You do this by recognizing that when you create out of wanting to avoid fear, anger, hatred, or similarly uncomfortable emotions, you are creating out of the negative. You are creating out of not wanting something. When you do this, you automatically give unconscious attention (and energy) to that which you are avoiding.