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You’re Invited to Live Your Full Truth

You’re Invited to Live Your Full Truth The Johns of God through Heather Kristian Strang

Now you more fully understand what All That Is has been tirelessly working for you to understand. You and your Earth plane are in great peril. What is needed now is for you to become more fully that which you truly are, throwing off your constraints and limitations. Look at every sector of your life unfolding and ask, “Is this the highest and fullest expression of the truth of who I really am?” or “Am I here for financial gain, for comfort, or out of inertia or stuck-ness?”

We know that we are starting straight out of the gate as if the new energies were here now, but it is imperative that we do so. You can feel the changing of the tides; there is an acceleration and intensity pulling on you. In this pulling, will you disconnect from that which you are, or will you dive more fully into the true you?

Now that you are here in the preliminary energy of what you call 2019, you, like many, are asking in great earnest, “What do we do? How do we do it?” We will spell it out for you as clearly as we have ever been able to. This year, you are being invited — yes, we understand it often feels like a forceful manner — to live your full truth. This invitation of course has always been extended to you, but it is now that you collectively must answer the call swiftly and with great intent. We are not saying this to frighten you, and we know you can feel that this is true in the depths of your beingness. You will not cease to exist (as many may say or predict); that just isn’t so. It is not even that your Earth will cease to exist; it always will be, just as you will always be.