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A Year of Reckoning

A Year of Reckoning Archangel Gabriel through Ron Baker

Dear children of light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always, we are overjoyed to be in your divine presence. We have come to share with you about 2019, what we are calling a year of reckoning. You must take responsibility for your choices this year in a way that you have never been asked to do. The immediacy of this time will be profound in your lives.

The collective will influence you, but your individual energies are what make up the collective. So please know that your choices as individuals affect the grid, the good of the whole, in ways that you have barely begun to imagine. You are a part of the resonance of the whole. This is something that more of you need to consider. So often in your wounding, you have felt as if you and your choices truly don’t matter.

For those who have not been doing the inner work to build a solid sense of self-value, you will feel rather insignificant while facing the bigger picture and the larger events that take place on your planet. Keep in mind that these larger events are also being affected. They are chosen and set into motion by you. You are not more powerful than others. It is just that some are more practiced at showing up, more willing to impose, express, and release their preferences into the collective.