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The Year of Higher-Self Integration and Creative Expansion

The Year of Higher-Self Integration and Creative Expansion Ascended Master Hilarion through Lightstar

A most magnificent greeting to all beloved lightbeings! I wish to first acknowledge each soul for the inner work you have been so diligent with this past year. In 2018, you experienced a wave of new ideas, solutions, innovations, and conscious connections that made an entrance onto the planet with great strides, allowing you to embrace a frequency higher than you’ve ever encountered.

In the upcoming year of 2019, this great innovation period will continue; however, the emphasis will be on expanding the creative ideas and innovations that have already come forth. It will be a time of increased communication that will broadcast into a new genre of expression of a more enlightened way of living on your planet.

Global Solutions Align with Integrity

Some of the new waves of innovations moving to the forefront are still in their infancy stages, but even in these early stages, a shift will occur this year. These new solutions to global, environmental, political, and social problems will become more aligned with the concept of service to all instead of service to self. This means that humanitarian efforts, social groups, and organizations assisting humanity with shifting and upgrading your world will emphasize integrity and congruency with the original principles behind the projects.