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The Witness Is Witnessing the Witnesser!

The Witness Is Witnessing the Witnesser! The Divine Blue Mother Maria through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

We welcome you. The experience of unification and the moment of divine direction come together like opposite poles of a magnet as 2019 bursts forward with a heightened sense of momentum affecting literally everything. The vast recognition that time is simply “no more” while simultaneously adapting to “that which is” has become the greatest challenge for the witness that is witnessing the witnesser.

Your experience in form has now reached the age where the mastery of multidimensional living and adapting to the New Earth in exactly the way that serves your soul’s “individ-you-will” for its greater evolution is carrying you forward. This energy is filled with creation and manifestation; therefore everything is receiving a boost, and everything is amplifying.

As a neutral energy field meets the planetary thought body that is filled with fear, trying to resist this shift will create extreme polarity. Similar to a Chinese finger trap, the harder you resist or try to pull away, the more intense things will feel. The key is to go deeply into your breath and exhale all fear and anger.