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A Vision of the Earth to Come

A Vision of the Earth to Come Aliyah Marr

The power of your imagination can create worlds. To get a new world, we have to first be able to imagine it and visualize how the change from an old system to a new system can be accomplished. There is an easy way that we can transform the old matrix into the New Earth easily, safely, and joyously: We can transform each organization into a higher-dimensional version.

Corporate and Military Outlook

Corporations can turn into cooperatives that are owned and operated by the people who are the employees. The employees would then have a vested interest in these organizations. Going to work is fun and inspiring; everyone works in the position that they are most challenged and inspired by and is the best fit for them. And they can easily move from position to position according to what they desire at the time.

The army becomes the Army Corps of Engineers. Instead of an underlying intent of destruction, its underlying intent transforms to construction and reconstruction. They still use the same organization and hierarchy in the beginning of the transition, and that makes everyone feel comfortable and happy, but their underlying intent has completely changed. So the same organization can be used for construction instead of destruction, and this would transform the army into a much higher-dimensional entity.