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Use Trilliums to Connect with Other-Dimensional Consciousness

Use Trilliums to Connect with Other-Dimensional Consciousness The Hathors through Tom Kenyon

In this message, we wish to share with you a simple, but highly effective method for accessing the quantum potentials of your body. This technique allows you to draw on life-enhancing subtle energies from other dimensions of consciousness. From this perspective your physical body is an intricately choreographed generator of interlocking and interacting quantum field effects that arise spontaneously from the cells of your body. These cellular quantum field effects tend to evolve into exquisitely coordinated quantum attractors that draw into the cells of your body subtle energies from your environment. This process unfolds whether you are aware of it or not. It is an automatic and reflexive action of the cellular matrix you refer to as your body.

There are several oddities about trilliums. One of these is a conundrum as to their nature. They operate independently of your conscious awareness, but they are deeply affected (that is programmed) by your core beliefs about the nature of reality. Two people living in the same environment can draw to themselves vastly different subtle energies based on their core beliefs. These differences could then significantly affect their perception of reality — and what they deem to be possible — as well as what they might actually be able to accomplish within that perceived reality.

While trilliums unquestionably operate automatically, based on what they have been programmed to attract, they are also quite easily affected by your focused intent. In other words, you can affect what subtle energies are drawn to you using your powers of conscious, focused intention. The value of working with trilliums is that you can draw to yourself restorative and balancing energies from other levels of the cosmos. This means you are not confined to drawing sustenance and uplifting energies solely from the dimension that your physical body happens to reside in. The ability of trilliums to attract sustenance and beneficial subtle energies from other dimensions beyond the physical planet is precisely why we are sharing this information with you at this time.