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Under Siege Daily from EMFs: How Are You Coping?

Under Siege Daily from EMFs: How Are You Coping? Phyllis Light

Did you know you were under siege daily from EMFs? Probably not. Most of us are totally clueless about what’s really going on energetically in the environment we inhabit. We do our best to keep our heads above water and to create the life that feels best to us, but little do we know that we are literally fighting for our lives on a daily basis! What does this mean?

Every day when you wake up, you greet life while swimming in a pool of life-damaging frequencies — from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) your clock radio or cell phone radiates to the WiFi signals broadcasted in the background (from your home and your neighbors’ homes), including the overhead TV, radio, GPS, and other satellite frequencies filling your space. Overcoming that alone makes for a struggle-filled day.

Did you know these EMFs and other frequencies create stress, irritability, depression, and immune system disorders? They create cardiovascular problems as well. So you wake up in this environment and, for example, turn on the radio or TV to catch the morning news, adding more negative frequencies to the mix. Then you get dressed, putting your cell phone in your purse or pants pocket, and off to work you go.