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Trust You Are Meant to Be Here

Trust You Are Meant to Be Here Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

I walk down a pathway of smooth white stones that leads me to a garden gate. There is a beautiful white trellis covered in roses of all colors — pink, yellow, white, and red. Standing at the entrance of the garden is Quan Yin, her hands outstretched, emanating a pale-pink light.

Welcome to all who choose to enter this sacred garden of transformation. You are in a time of huge transformation on your beautiful planet Earth, the place you call home. I have come forth today to encourage and support you as you go forward in the time you call 2019. I remind you that time is only relevant on the Earth plane, and in this dimension from where I speak, there is no time; in its place, there is fluidity, love, and pulsating life force energy.

I speak of this to encourage you to remember that your soul source energy resides on this dimension, and it is where you have come from. It is important not to get too caught up in the idea of time; there is no urgency in Earth’s transformation or that of her populace. There is a natural progression unfolding, and you are an integral part of these unfolding and changing times on Earth.