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The Times, They Are (Still) a-Changin’!

The Times, They Are (Still) a-Changin’! The Lion People through Ellyn Dye

Are you suffering from change fatigue? It is a sign of the times. Many now find themselves yearning for life to return to the way it was, to go back to normal. In the past, one yearned for the good old days, but that idea — just as the idea of returning to normal — is a fallacy. The good old days were not necessarily as good as they are perceived in memory, and normal was not necessarily normal. Can’t you feel the excitement of change? The roller coaster ride continues — and will for several years to come. The choice before you is to find some joy in it and embrace the ride — screaming, if you must! — or be dragged behind the cars as they weave their way up and down and sideways.

This is the new normal: Change, change, change! Complacency and settling in were never life-enhancing, and now they are no longer possible. Living only within your comfort zone is deadening, and since most people do not venture from that zone willingly, the universe is shaking people out of there. Just as the caterpillar in the chrysalis cannot stop the process that has begun, humans cannot stop the evolutionary leap that is in process. This truly is a momentous process: a glorious, amazing, fantastic, exciting, and thrilling process of change! It’s out with the old and in with the new, a deep redefinition on the personal and collective levels in every area of life.

Believe it or not, everyone on the planet agreed to participate in this grand process of evolution; in fact, each and every soul stood in line waiting eagerly to get here! You can see how important this time is by the number of souls incarnated on the planet. Being on planet Earth now has been the hottest ticket for millennia, and the lines to get those tickets were long, because no one wanted to miss out on the excitement and opportunity. The problem is, that was a soul choice, and most people do not consciously remember making it. So instead of reveling in the ride they waited so impatiently for, they perceive it all as painful, disruptive, and aggravating at best, and terrifying at worse. They resist and resist and resist, which only makes it more painful.