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Spirit Time Is Now

Spirit Time Is Now The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

I am the living Earth, the conscious Earth, and the Mother of Creation. As you shift into the consciousness of 2019, I will be urging your full expression as a fifth-dimensional being. The time is now. It is spirit time.

At one time, your sense of timing arose from the wholeness of your being, not just your mind. Rays from the Central Sun filled you with the harmonies of the spheres, and your movements, thoughts, and feelings were in resonance with the cosmos.

I still live nourished by these frequencies, but your world has been taken over by a false sense of time. It is measured in tiny segments that cause you to lose focus on your wholeness. Your scientists tell you that your clocks and calendars are based on the spinning of my body around the Sun. But they are focusing on only the 3D physical dimension and have created a sense of time that is devoid of spirit. You are living in a false matrix of consciousness that has imprisoned your consciousness and made you a slave to time.