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Shamanic Wisdom: Broadcast Your Super Self

Shamanic Wisdom: Broadcast Your Super Self Jan Engels-Smith

I have previously written in this journal about the super self. I would like to expand on this subject with more information about how to employ a meditation to fully access this phenomenon. This practice will aid you in your exploration of the power you possess and will help you to find the power within you to heal and become the person you were meant to be.

As an energy practitioner, people who have a desire to do something meaningful with their lives often ask me two questions: How can I help people heal? How can I help the world?

During a meditation, I was told that every person born holds the full capacity to change the world singlehandedly. In subsequent meditations, I received a download of information. This is an extremely brief description of the creation laws, which were at the foundation of the download. The creation laws are primary in comprehending our power as human beings collectively and individually; both are essential for our evolution of well-being.