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The Sexual Healing of Humankind

The Sexual Healing of Humankind eM through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am Em, and I join you this day with a very special intent. As you may know, I am a balanced entity. I do not have to separate into masculine or feminine. On this side of the veil, no one does, but as I present myself in your world, I do so as a balanced masculine and feminine entity.

I bring that up today because we wish to speak about sexuality on your planet. What is sexuality? It begins as the pulling apart of the two facets of you. You might know a part of the group known as a beautiful, magical lady by the name of Merlia. She is the feminine aspect of Merlin, who entered this dimension as a man, and as such, he had to separate himself to play the game.

Yes, we’re always talking about separation. Humans come in pretending to be separate, and you are. You’re all pretending to be separate from each other, but you also must separate the different sides within you.