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Seek the Truth Within!

Seek the Truth Within! The Centre of A through Deborah Morrison

Dear ones, the truth is that you should always strive to seek outside yourselves. In your humanness, your perception can sometimes be clouded by what you want to see rather than by what is right in front of your eyes. This can sometimes happen when others share their beliefs with you. This can trip you up, catching you in a void of confusion and questioning. During the months leading into 2019 through the end of April, stepping into your awareness will greatly assist you in seeing what is before you.

If you believe in something, you need to continue to seek it out in the higher frequency of unconditional love. There, you will find the insights and the truth; it will always be revealed. Nothing can be hidden forever when you are heart-centered. When you connect to that frequency, all will be exposed and shown in pure Technicolor.

There is a sense of growing insecurity on your planet, and this frequency causes many to grasp at the illusion that resides in their egos, a place of self-centered doubt, hesitation, and even distrust in life and the world. It is a form of spiritual unhappiness. When this distraction rises from within, dear ones, and you are stuck in that frequency, you will start to spiral into the oblivion of ego beliefs. If in your awareness you feel this happening to you, recalibrate and connect with the truth and the purpose of your journey. Don’t get stuck in a holding pattern or vacuum of unconsciousness. As you venture through 2019, this will evolve for you all if you just trust your heart.