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Sacred Healing Request for Earth and Humanity

Sacred Healing Request for Earth and Humanity Barbara “Marianna” Zimmermann

I call on beloved IS, the Creator of All That Is, to please create a major sacred healing process for planet Earth and humanity that will assist humankind to be better prepared to move into the fifth dimension and higher.

I request that you provide clearing, purification, and healing for beloved Mother Earth, the air we breathe, and every being within and on Mother Earth — humans, animals, and insects — so that they can all be brought into balance. I ask that all the oceans and the waterways be cleared and purified to their original divine blueprint and that all living within the waters be healed of all diseases. I ask that all pollution be removed so that all life can flourish.

I request assistance in breaking and rescinding all the vows and agreements humanity has made, willingly or unwillingly, with the negative forces (if their souls give permission, including those who are in their akashic records and still have control over their beliefs and behaviors). Then assist them all in forgiving themselves and others, and provide them with new pictures of reality. After the clearings and healings are complete, please provide shields of protection against lower, negative vibrations, preventing them from penetrating human auras and damaging spiritual, emotional, physical, ego, and soul bodies forever.