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Respond with Compassion

Respond with Compassion The guardians through Saga-Oracle

Greetings, beloveds. We, the Guardians, are among many guides who work for a successful evolvement of consciousness on this lovely planet through physicality powered by free will. Our purpose is to assist and inspire you. You have passed the portal from the third dimension and entered the fifth dimension by way of the fourth-dimensional bridge. Even-numbered dimensions are bridges, and odd-numbered dimensions are physicality schools.

In the third dimension, you recently reached the 2012 gateway between the nonphysical and a new physical realm. Change is apparent. The heavily veiled separations between the two stages were necessary to keep attention on personal development and awareness in the third-dimensional school of life. As you learn to navigate in the early stages of the fifth dimension, you will notice a thinning of that veil as coconsciousness expands your awareness into an inclusive paradigm and you enter a collective stage. This shift of the time continuum is rare but necessary for the collective consciousness to rise to higher frequencies, which occurs when life forms develop understanding for unity and move further along the path of merging with Divine Spirit.

Right now, you are within the revealing time that precedes the healing time at this stage of evolution. The deep wounds caused by fear in the third-dimensional experience have festered for eons, and they must be revealed, scraped clean, and healed to graduate to the fifth-dimensional continuum. The fifth dimension cannot energize fear (thus it dissipates) because it’s a much lower vibration. This is a drastic change; thus, you see resistance. Your egos relied on a fear structure in the third dimension due to manipulation by those who serve fear. Ego infected by fear has caused you to lose self-esteem personally and collectively.