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Rebalance with Euphoria and Extraordinary Light

Rebalance with Euphoria and Extraordinary Light Archangel Raphael through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

This is Raphael. Each of you here has felt currents of energy quite strongly in different ways and at different times: some of you, from different places on Earth’s body; some of you, from animal communications; and some of you, from starlight. It is as if the human body is becoming more of a conduit for these energies. It is morphing into something much more conducive to celestial light and other kinds of light. Whereas before it was like light falling on an object and illuminating it for the eye to see, now the light enters the human body, and the human body conducts it.

Humans are entering a different time in their evolution when instead of primarily being learners, they are becoming the fixers of the mistakes they have made. So they are energetically becoming conduits to move and shape light and energy — to dance with it, yes — and (more importantly) to help redirect and heal Earth, each other, and other species on this planet.

Humankind has done more harm than other species in these layers of existence because they have been manipulated to do so (for the most part). So now, free from that manipulation, something in the human soul wants to balance that. Even though you might say, “It was not our fault as humans” (and this is true), the beauty of the human heart wants to find that balance, like the yin-yang symbol. Understanding that there was violence and pain and unnecessary suffering, it now wants to flood the world with this love, this beautiful quality of light. That is the time you’re entering this plane of existence. You will join with other planetary systems in this. It is a rebalance of light.