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A Quest for Meaning

A Quest for Meaning Donna Taylor

In astrology, Jupiter is regarded as the great benefic — the planet that brings us good things, protects us, nurtures our growth, and offers us opportunity. Among other things, he governs religion, adventure, philosophy, good fortune, abundance, optimism, and expansion. Wherever he falls in your birth chart is the area of life you’re likely to experience luck and the most growth and meaning in your life. So it’s all eyes to the sky as Jupiter changes signs on November 8, moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

Of particular importance with this planetary shift is that Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so he is, in essence, coming home. This is good news for planet Earth in general since Jupiter is so much happier in his own sign than in Scorpio. Over the past year, we’ve seen an emphasis on some of the heavier issues of life, including sexual abuse and gender inequality. Once Jupiter returns to Sagittarius, lighter themes will emerge, and we can expect positive developments in the spheres of religion and foreign affairs (Brexit and trade deals may work out better than expected). Overall, there should be a lightening of mood during this transit.

I can feel the Sagittarius people fidgeting in their seats, waiting for me to confirm whether this is great news for them. Of course it is! Not only is the planet of good fortune coming home to their sign, but it’s also Sagittarius’s ruling planet, which means it functions far better in the sign of the Archer than any other. Jupiter isn’t comfortable in Virgo and Gemini, so these signs often don’t notice that the year he visits is any better than others. Thus, those born under the sign of the Archer — all other factors being equal — can look forward to feeling more adventurous, optimistic, lighter, and generally happier. There may also be more opportunities for Sagittarius people to progress in some way, and it should be a time the Archers look back on with happy memories.