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People Have Had Enough

People Have Had Enough The Combined Council of Divine Light through Karen Brown

We are the Combined Council of Divine Light. There are many of us working together to help those on Earth who are ready to ascend. Not everyone wants to raise their awareness and frequency. Many want to stay in the low, dense energy, and they are free to choose that if they wish. But more and more people are choosing higher, healing energies.

Yes, there is much pain and suffering, but there is also much love and healing. Some dwell on the horrors they see around them. Others look to the beauty that the dark forces are now being exposed. True, it is not pretty to look at, but until things can be seen, they won’t be dealt with.

How long have humans turned a blind eye because bad things were not happening to them directly? How many times have humans pretended not to see the signs that someone needed help? They told themselves it was none of their business or that it was their imaginations, or they never noticed anything at all. Now everything is hitting closer to home; everyone is feeling it.