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The New Reality Will Turn the World Right-Side Up

The New Reality Will Turn the World Right-Side Up Sanat Kumara through Maureen St. Germain

This is Lord Sanat Kumara. You are the keepers of the flame of liberty — of personal freedom, love, and light for humanity. We salute you and are always here for you. We ask you to ask for our help every day. Ask for the ETs of the light to assist you. I am one of them, you know, as I came from Venus in a spaceship to Mt. Kurama, Japan.

Many of you alive today were with me then. You recognize me and my name. Now it is your duty to hold the flame of unconditional love. When you are faced with difficulty, use your discernment to recognize the highest expression possible so that you can lead others to peace. You already know the place of peace. Some of you have been rattling your cages for a very long time, and we say, just open the door; it is not locked.

When you find yourself saying “I can’t” to anything, we say you can. Insist that your unseen helpers help you find a way. When you struggle with relationships, call on the Great Divine Director. When it comes to what you fear, call on your magic workers, your angels, St. Germain, the Serendipities, and the Golden Sheets for a miracle. The Golden Sheets are now the guardians here.