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Let Yourself Believe You Are Magic

Let Yourself Believe You Are Magic The Divine through Sara Wiseman

The understanding that the universe is speaking to you at all times and in all ways returns to you slowly. It arrives over time and with the expansion of your consciousness and practice.

In the beginning, when you were a child and still open, the universe spoke to you easily, and you heard without doubt. When you were young, you spoke the language and understood it clearly. Because you had not yet learned to rely on language and symbols, you felt the universe; you received the universe as emotion, feeling, and direct knowing.

This mostly happened in the body, for you were connected to your body then in a different way. Your body, a conduit of your emotions and your knowing, connected you to all things — the breath of air on your shoulder, the great stillness of the night, the grasses caressing your bare legs. For some, there was more. You saw visions of the future. You saw energy and etheric beings in the room. You saw these clearly, outside of your mind’s eye, as apparitions. You saw beyond the veil, and the veil was mostly open for you.