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Help One Person at a Time

Help One Person at a Time Universal Energies through Elizabeth Joyce

The next decade of the 2020s is around the corner. In today’s society, rarely will you hear or see many people talking, preparing, or planning for the approaching new decade. It is the mode of today’s short-attention span that few will take any time to look ahead. In astrology, years are months in time and space, but to most people, even a single year or two seems to be “far off” when really it is not.

Many have come into this world for the times now coming. These are the last of the days of the age of humanity. The new age of humanity will begin in twenty years, in 2038. There’s some work to do before then, and some difficult times are ahead for many all over this planet.

Is everyone set for the age of artificial intelligence? We are entering a time to actively pursue and exercise our faith in God, ourselves, and others. These next ten years mark the completion of bringing forth much karmic energy that we collectively set in motion from our past, which needs to be healed, faced, resolved, rebalanced, and cleaned up before establishing the new age of humankind.