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Greater Alignment with the Cosmic Flow Brings Harmony

Greater Alignment with the Cosmic Flow Brings Harmony Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Venus retrograde (from October 5 through November 16) from Scorpio into Libra bodes a time of seeing through the fears, illusion, and delusion for the human kingdom with an opportunity to express fully the perfected vision of love, pure and true, with no attachments or limitations. Soul depth connection into the individual psyche for each member of the human kingdom brings clarity, wisdom, and the ability to choose alternative ways of living in the world and in all times, spaces, and dimensions. Those who follow someone else’s path will discover that only in being true to the soul-heart within — the personal inner truth center — is it possible to attain the peace, harmony, abundance, and love that all desire.

Since Mercury in early Sagittarius goes retrograde the day after Venus retrograde completes, the energy of the black holes it traverses (while looking both backward and forward) will dislodge even the most stubborn people into the realization that something is shifting to accommodate expansion and evolution. Some will opt for a smooth and easy transition into the flow of the universal energies. Others will choose to hold on to that which has long since dissolved, only to realize by early December that there is nothing left to hold on to except the internal soul-heart’s truth.

More and more secrets will be revealed. Pray that people listen to their true guides and guardian angels of pure love and light rather than those pretending to be of these energies.