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Great Upheaval Will Usher Incredible Advancements

Great Upheaval Will Usher Incredible Advancements Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I certainly enjoy accepting the invitation to speak about the upcoming year of 2019. Now, as we are all aware, nothing is written in stone, but there are causes and effects that occur with regularity and can be predictable. I speak about them and about nourishing your being, your spirit.

Twenty nineteen brings forth a great upheaval in consciousness. This great upheaval is a very good thing. Why? Well, my dears, you are now ready to see minorities as they dare to step forth and be recognized for their basic rights to be heard and seen and to demonstrate their unique abilities and talents. Now, this wouldn’t be such a huge upheaval if it weren’t inclusive of the changing of the guard, so to speak. You are well aware of governments who are vying to control much more than a nearby country. There are those countries that have planned from long, long ago and from patterns developed in their histories to control Earth.

Now something else is occurring, and you are certainly part of that something else. You will perhaps think that these words are simple (and even boring), but there is more to who you are and why you are here. The ingredient, of course, is that you are awake, and you are continuing to explore who you really are as you shed who you are not. This process is one of clearing away the debris of the past for you and the entirety of humanity.