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A Gift: the Feeling of Home

A Gift: the Feeling of Home Founder; Joopah; and Xe-toc through Robert Shapiro

We will talk about something that is going on right now. People are trying to find their way home. Some people are gathering as much as they possibly can to provide supplies for the future or for the tour or trip. Other people are letting go of as many things as they can so that they can travel lightly and move about with relative ease. These are all manifestations of a deep awareness that they are moving on. When you think of moving on in the context of a physical life, you’re going to think about actually packing up and going somewhere.

But within this context of the spiritual life, you’re going to move on with great ease. After your body returns to Earth, or (as you say) dies, you in your personality emerge in the form of light — some people can see this — and off you go. You are still yourself. All you leave behind are your cares and woes from Earth, perhaps not all your cares, but your unhappiness, discomfort, and of course, the physical you. You move on in your personality as who you are. You are not lost.

I want to reassure you that a lot of the strange behavior you see now can be understood if you imagine that people are trying to find their way home with no clearly marked and posted pathways or signs saying “This Way” or a circle with a line through it saying “Not This Way.” This feeling of needing to find your way home will be challenging, and people will interpret them in different ways in their lives based on who they are and where they are. If they are some place dangerous, they might try to find their way home to a safe place. If they’re some place safe, they might try to find their way home in some way that is exciting or adventurous. You’ve seen all these things and more.