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Feel the Call of the New Earth

Feel the Call of the New Earth Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Well, you have made it though one of the greatest change years of all time. How do you feel you fared? Are you glad it is over, or do you see the endless possibilities for the future of the New Earth? Your lesson for today is to look back on 2018 and note all the marvelous and not so marvelous changes that took place, and be grateful for it all.

Regardless where you stand today, you are a different person. It may have been rough or smooth for you depending how connected you are to your soul and higher self filter of your spirit, but I guarantee you don’t stand in the same energy. Yes, change is especially unnerving for humans, but it is necessary during this point of evolution in order to proceed.

Oh, the old Earth was a struggle, but you grew accustomed to that, so it became a part of you. Much of it was released last year. You will feel lighter soon. Just breathe in the new, different, and more peaceful vibration of a lighter and more harmonious Earth. The worst is over, unless, of course, you are a clinger, hanging on to what used to be.