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Explore the Elemental Energies

Explore the Elemental Energies Gaia through Rae Chandran

Gaia, the living spirit of Earth, here. Elements are an integral part of one’s energy field, because without the elements, you would not be here. You are made up of elements. Your bones and skin and other organs contain elemental energy. It is through this elemental energy that you self-realize. The elements in you help you to remember and rejoin with the larger part of yourself and become a natural being — a carrier of light.

The elements on my body (spirit of Earth) hold the frequencies of many realities and also many codes and imprints. All these are embedded in the molecular structures that crisscross the entire universe, and it is through these that I communicate with other realities. Since you are part of my body and you contain these elements, you also have the same capacity to travel across the universe and be in communion with all of creation. The elements affect the human being in many ways on a moment-by-moment basis.

The human energy system known as the chakras are tied to the elements and are the very basis of the practice you call mahakundalini. This is the principle of balancing the elements in the chakra column. When you balance the elements, you balance the emotions, creating mental clarity and objectivity in your lives.