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Expect a Major Unifying Event

Expect a Major Unifying Event Lynn Buess

This month encourages us to reflect on our planet, its place in the cosmos, the solar system events taking place, and the purpose and plan of our human existence on this third rock from the Sun.

As I ponder the numbers and cycles of this period, I get the word “burst.” I asked for specifics, but nothing has come. Perhaps it refers to a burst of light that touches all and stimulates the sleeping masses! That would be nice. Maybe it pertains to a solar burst, a major electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Scientists and psychics speak of the potential for that to happen. That would not be so nice. Perhaps it references an enemy EMP. That would be worse. Might it be the burst of a dam, waterway, geyser, steam explosion, or tsunami? Hopefully it’s not the burst of an atomic weapon or mininuke that has been developed in recent decades to take down towns and towers.

Whatever form it takes, it feels like multitudes will be directly affected, and the rest of the world will take note. A major event occurs that brings the entire Earth population closer together and helps to define just how the planet will forge its destiny toward the stars.