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Define Your Sanctity

Define Your Sanctity Speaker for Mercy through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings, mercy, mercy. The being we are communicating with is called Mercy. She’s an entity. She stands between you and the throne of God. She’s a black wall. She protects you because if you were in the Presence, you would not be able to handle the frequency, the energy. Information is transmitted by the force behind the wall, behind her or in front of her, which pushes energy (light/lightning) toward the wall. The wall interprets it, in a manner, filters it, and what comes through the wall are gold letters — frequencies — that initialize every being.

In your world, you say, “In the beginning, there was the word,” but before the word, there was the void, darkness. There is a presence there. It’s you; you know it. You are an extension of all things, but you are not aware that you are with others. Before your creation, you were standing with seven beings, and those seven beings are your seven chakras. In the darkness of the void, you’re communicating with the seven. Actually, you are not communicating. You are feeling. You know there is a presence there with you. There are seven of them.

Around the seven of you, you suddenly feel a shudder, and you realize, “There’s more than us here.” Then you consolidate the seven, and they come into you as one. Oneness is your consciousness when you come into an awareness of what the other force is that came around you. Each being felt that thing, and then you have the expansion of the words “let there be light.”