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Cultivate the Extraordinary

Cultivate the Extraordinary One Life through Catherine Weser

With the months of challenging energy from 2018 behind you, 2019 begins with a realization that you can transcend your usual, conditioned reaction to the challenges you perceive with One Life awareness, presence, and compassion for all life. That may sound like a tall order; however, we suggest that 2018 has pushed you in many ways to become more authentically you in the midst of ever-shifting circumstances.

For each person, there has been some required form of diving deep into the nature of self to find stability in a world that rocks and rolls like a dinghy on a turbulent ocean. You have had to find where you stand and what you believe, and you’ve had to know that whenever you became comfortable, it was just a matter of time before you would be uncomfortable again. Most of you have wanted to withdraw from others, your culture, and the world, because it seemed as though there was very little supporting the values and understandings you had gained over the decades that brought you to 2012.

We suggest the cycle of 1999 to 2012 was experienced by most aware beings, those who feel they are on the spiritual path, as a cycle of expansion and growth of One Life awareness and shared consciousness — a time of realizing humanity is a family of light. While there was some fear of the year 2000 known as Y2K, most of you felt a celebratory entrance into a new millennium, feeling its potential for the creation of the new world.